Level Two Canoeing


Level Two Canoeing

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Level Two Canoeing • Advanced Open Water and Touring
Ages 12+

So now you have the basic skills and the open water is calling, then look no further as level two is for you. This is a five hour program designed for people who have already taken level one canoeing and would like to venture out into the open water, begin touring or learn the techniques required for the next level river running session.

To begin your experience we will be meeting at the Park Lake Boat Launch at 1:00pm where the students will continue their education with a one hour dryland session covering advanced gear, greater safety and high performance boat design. Prior to this course the students should have an idea of what boat design they would like to use and you will be outfitted for this boat and using it for the duration of the day. Then our skilled instructions will enjoy getting you wet again practicing the wet exit. Following that we will be running through a brief review of the basic strokes and then on to a vast amount of advanced stroke work and boat control that will challenge you to improve. Once we have completed the paddling skills portion of the course you will then be working on the rescue scenarios. Our rescues along with paddling a submerged boat. In this session our goal is to develop our students into becoming safe knowledgeable paddlers covering a range of advanced techniques with the potential for day touring to multi day tripping or the next levels of moving water dynamics. (note you will be getting wet and be asked to exit your canoe if capsize, but not to worry as our staff loves to help you through this adventure.)

This experience will teach you a variety of advanced skills in a safe and fun approach while helping build confidence on the water. The certified instructors at High Level Canoes and Kayaks are trained in instructing paddlers of all ages and will lead you through age related skills and drills with lots of thrills. At the same time we strive to instill upon all participants the importance of safe paddling in all water related activities. (and a reminder you will be getting wet.)


  • age 12 +
  • good swimming skills required
  • Level One Canoeing required


  • change of clothes and towel
  • lunch with a couple of bottles of water
  • swimwear
  • preregistration and waiver
  • medical provisions that maybe pertinent for the staff

(all information is kept confidential)

Techniques Covered:

  • transporting
  • packing
  • safety on and off the water
  • boat fitting
  • entry and exiting the water
  • wet exiting (flipping over in the boat and getting out)
  • moving bow to stern (body positioning)
  • trimming
  • paddle parts
  • proper paddle positioning (body, boat, blade)
  • boat balancing
  • forward stroke
  • back stroke
  • stopping forward and backward
  • cadence
  • turning strokes (sweep forward and backward and combined)
  • combined strokes( figure eight)
  • side stroke (basic draw and t draw sculling draw)
  • push away
  • J stroke
  • bow pry
  • stern pry
  • cross strokes
  • lead sweep communication
  • box stroke
  • bracing low and high
  • edging
  • tripping
  • stern rudder
  • duffeck stroke
  • combination forward stroke, power stroke, edge, sweep, stern rudder, low brace
  • assisted rescue, side by side, X, stirrup, in water
  • shake out
  • capistrano flip
  • solo recovery
  • throw bag recovery
  • rafting
  • signals
  • towing