Radical Raunchy River Rolling


Radical Raunchy River Rolling

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Radical Raunchy River Rolling
Ages 12+

If you are planning on paddling whitewater you should develop a sound roll. If you have started to roll but would like to step it up a notch with rolls on both sides or perhaps a few variations, this class is it. This a 2 hour program running all year long that will start you from the begining if necessary with practice have you on your way to developing a solid roll and have a few variations to play with.

This course is taught outdoors at Park Lake from June - September and in the pool the remainder of the year. We will start you off right from understanding the importance of a proper fitting cockpit to making sure your muscles are warm and loose before we even get wet. Then we will get you in the water and review the basic T rescue that will lead you through all the body techniques necessary to initiate the roll. We will begin with the importance of a good wet exit and then on to the hip flick and you are half way there. We will be starting with the sweep roll and understanding how when preformed correctly can become an effortless task making you look like a seasoned veteran and saving you a great deal of expended energy in the meantime. Then we will be trying both sides of the body and if ready, variations like the Cto C, back deck and no paddle. Although they can look extremely easy when watching others peeform this manoeuvre for some it can be accomplished in a couple of hours and for others it can take a bit more practice. Just don't be frustrated if it takes you a bit more practice as some people require more time to activate the muscle memory that will take over. Not to worry as you can join us during our next session for more practice time. (note you will be getting wet and be asked to exit your kayak if capsized, but not to worry as our staff loves to help you through this adventure.)

The experience will teach you a variety of advanced skills in a safe and fun approach while helping build confidence and self esteem. From here you will have the chance to advance your training with our contniued education programs and establish more confidence on the water.. The certified instructors at High Level Canoes and Kayaks are trained in instructing paddlers of all ages and will lead you through age related skills and drills with lots of thrills. At the same time we strive to instill upon all practicpants the importance of safe paddling in all water related activities.(nose plugs can be helpful when learning and we always have a good stock at the store.)


  • age 12+
  • good swimming skills required
  • real world master paddlers plus level one kayak requrie


  • change of clothes and towel
  • swimwear
  • preregistration and waiver
  • medical provisions that maybe pertinent for the staff

(all information is kept confidential)

Techniques covered:

  • warming up
  • stretching
  • boat fitting
  • entry and exiting the water
  • wet exiting (flipping over in the boat and getting out)
  • proper paddle positioning (body, boat, blade)
  • bracing low and high
  • hip flick
  • T rescue
  • sweep roll
  • C to C
  • hand roll
  • back deck


  • all paddling gear
  • all water related clothing
  • pfd and all safety gear
  • transportation to and from High Level Store