Wave Riders Three Day Advanced Camp (Ages 11-17)


Wave Riders Three Day Advanced Camp (Ages 11-17)

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Wave Riders Three Day Advanced Camp
Ages 11-17 

If you have already done three days of skills and thrills, why not advance the skills to the next level. High Level Canoes and Kayaks have found that todays youths when given a chance are natural paddlers and with a little practice can dramatically increase their skills and confidence on the water. What better way than three more days out in the water to learn advanced skills, make new friends, and get  rock solid  paddling skills.

This is a three day summer camp that runs from 8:00am -6:00pm exploring more challenging rivers in the Southern Alberta region. We will be meeting at the High Level Store at 8:00am where the students will be outfitted wih all their gear and returning to the store by 6:00pm each day. In this session our goal is to develop our students into becoming safer more knowledgeable paddlers focusing on kayaking in faster moving water, trying out the slalom course, getting down a rock steady roll, surfing the big waves and putting it all together in polo.

This experience of a variety of paddling skills in a safe and fun approach will build confidence and self esteem and lead the student to advance their traning. This is a stepping stone to try out other programs with a more established greater confidence on the water.

The certified instructors at High Level Canoes and Kayaks are trained in instructing paddlers of all ages and will lead the students through age related skills and drills with lots of thrills. At the same time we strive to instill upon all participants the importance of safe paddling in all water related activites. (and a reminder you will be getting wet.)


  • age 11-17
  • good swimming skills required
  • Three Day Skills and Thrills camp


  • change of cloths and towel
  • lunch with a couple of bottles of water
  • swimwear
  • preregistration and waiver
  • medical provisions that maybe pertinent for the staff

(all information is kept confidential)

Techniques Covered:

  • all previous techniques in the skill and thrills camp
  • stern squirts
  • bow stalls
  • both side rolls
  • polo rules and skills
  • surfing front, side and back
  • seal launch
  • river reading


  • all paddling gear
  • all water related clothing
  • pfd and all safety gear
  • transportation to and from High Level store