We carry a wide variety of kayaks, from whitewater to recreational, tandem to touring, or sit on-tops and inflatables. Stop by to check out our inventory from:  Wave Sport, Perception, Wilderness, Oldtown, Aquaglide, Amundson, Dagger,  Hurricane, Liquid Logic and Ocean 


We carry a selection of canoes, including models from: Clipper, Hellman, Mad River and Oldtown

Stand-up PAddleboards

Try out one of our stand-up paddleboards from Boardworks and Naish


We can supply you with all the gear you need, from paddles to drytops. Including products from: CTug, Salus, Predator, Extrasport, ThuleAT, Carlisle, Level Six, Werner, North Water, Amundson, WRSI, Astral, Harmony, Immersion, NRS, Shred, Greyowl, Mysterioso, Malone , Boonedox Carriers, Kokatat and   Swagman


  Perception Pilot Pro Pedal Drive
Price $2200.00
Sale price $1800.00

 Necky Chatham 17' • 
Sale Price $1,250.00

Atak 120 Price $2100.00
Sale Price $1500.00

Ride 135 Price $1329.00
Sale $1000.00

Zydeco 11 Price $750.00
Sale Price $650.00

Chinook tandem inflatable Price $699.00
Sale Price $599.00